Advice for High School Freshman

Is your son or daughter about to make the transition from middle school to high school? No doubt they’re ready to leave the drama and growing pains of middle school behind. On the other side, entering a large public high school as a freshman can be an intimidating experience. Follow these recommendations from high school guidance counselors to ensure your student’s transition is a success.

Peer pressure, puberty and insecurity abound in large high schools. Nearly every student wants the same thing – simply to fit in. Encourage your student to explore their options. From clubs to sports to music, the options for self-exploration are nearly unlimited in large public high schools. This is the only way they’ll find their niche and make that one great friend. The loneliest student in high school is the one in the crowd without a ‘wing man’ or close buddy.

Course work becomes more rigorous in high school and the teachers have greater expectations. Fewer extra credit opportunities will be available and few excuses will be accepted. This is the point in time when your student learns to be accountable and take ownership of their decisions. While not easy, these are life lessons and a crucial part of growing up. Encourage your child without enabling him.  One of the greatest pieces of advice for parents of high school’s students is to prepare your student for the path of life; don’t prepare the path for your student. It may take years, but as they emerge as responsible adults – they’ll thank you many times over.

Peer pressure is rampant on high school campuses. Most students are striving to conform to the images and behavior that will allow them to be part of a group. Evidence of this will no doubt emerge during the back to school shopping experience.  Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and enjoy the huge values on contacts offered by 1800Contacts.  Your student will be happy to have puberty, glasses and braces remain in middle school. Support your student as they enter this four-year roller coaster ride known as high school!