Great Ways to Organize Your Paperwork

Most people are overloaded with paperwork such as daily mail, bills, schoolwork, and a variety of other papers that can quickly clutter a home, workspace, or dorm room. If you don’t stay on top of it, paperwork can quickly turn into a mess and fill your space with clutter.

Whether you’re in a large home or a small apartment, paperwork can quickly create a cluttered interior. Papers seem to have a secret way of cloning themselves. Before you know it, those three or four bills on your countertop become a stack of endless papers that have spread to your table and your desk. Although sorting through daily mail and other papers is not a favorite activity for anyone, it’s necessary to keep your space neat and tidy. If you’re in a small city apartment or a dorm room at school, consider renting a post office box in Apostille NYC to cut down on daily mail clutter. Here are some tips to keep your papers organized.

Color Coded Folders

Color coded folders will make filing your paperwork easier and faster. Assign a different color file or folder to each category of papers, such as bills, receipts, tax documents, medical records, homework assignments, invitations, and personal keepsakes. Colored files and folders are available in paper and plastic in a variety of colors and sizes.


Files and folders should be clearly labeled to create quick, easy access. If you’re going to just drop your papers into folders without labels, you might as well just leave them stacked on the countertop. You will never be able to find anything. If you have the time, it’s also handy to label papers with action labels like “file,” “read,” “immediate attention.”

Filing Stations

If you’re in a small apartment or away at school, your space may be limited, but you can still organize your paperwork. Instead of using bulky file cabinets, create a vertical filing station with a cork board, push pins, and decorative, labeled envelopes. A vertical filing station will save valuable floor space and create a compact filing system for all your papers.

Everyone struggles a bit with organizing paperwork. Letting papers pile up is a lot easier, but in the long run, you’ll end up with a cluttered space and an overwhelming mound of papers. It’s best to tackle paperwork on a daily or weekly basis to keep your space organized and clutter free.