Tips for helping your kids focus on their online classes

More than ever, online classes are important due to the pandemic that hit most parts of the world. A lot of schools have opened online learning hubs for kids to make up for the time lost. However, you need to help your kids focus on their online classes as they can get easily distracted. Here is how to go about it:

Keep a schedule and provide all the necessary materials

Your kids might find it difficult to get serious with their online classes because they are not working with a schedule. To make it easier, set a schedule for them and ensure they keep to it. You can revise your schedule from time to time, based on what comes up such as your work schedule, sleeping schedules, etc. Once you have something that works for you and your children, stick to it. Also, provide them with the necessary materials. Pencils, papers, WiFi connection, PDf readers, etc. should be available to get the work done. You can also checkout online school supplies to know more about what other materials you should make available for your kid’s online school and where to buy them.

Provide a conducive environment and set daily tasks

Efficient learning cannot take place without a conducive environment. You have to find an environment that works for your kids; they must not be isolated for safety purposes and they must not be distracted for learning purposes. It is challenging for them to learn in a full place too. So you have to keep them in a quiet place, perhaps with some background music to keep them refreshed. Besides, you have to set daily tasks. Do not overwhelm them with so much in a day. Look at the schedule you have set already and use it to create a daily plan. You should break down the syllabus into bits by bits so that they will enjoy learning.

Help them understand and ensure they complete their work

Parents make the mistake of telling their children the answers to questions thinking they are helping them. Rather, helping your children understand is key to efficient learning. You have to learn alongside your child, not do their tasks for them. This way, you are setting them up to be independent and always put their foot forward. Also, ensure they complete their tasks for the day. Leaving their work is a bad habit which can hinder them in their adulthood. Always email the teacher if you need clarification on anything.

Focus on your child and identify the barriers

The online classes are there to serve your child, not the other way round. If your parenting philosophy is to ensure your kids get everything done without considering their interests or challenges, it may be pretty difficult for them to enjoy learning. Do not over-emphasize getting everything done at the expense of the creativity and ingenuity of your kids. Another thing you have to do is identify barriers. Pinpoint what exactly is happening to your kids. Why are they struggling? They are tired? Or they are not motivated? Or do they need some finger-wagging? If it is a knowledge deficit, you have to help them identify the problem and deal with it.

Help them get motivated

The best way you can keep your kids motivated when it comes to their online courses is to make sure you register them in the right online school. The right online school will know activities that they can involve in the learning process that will keep the interest and motivation of the kid. They would make their training interesting and fun for your kids that they would always look forward to it. You can read about online schools for kids on Britainreviews to know which school to enroll your kids. You have to think differently about how you help your kids with their school work. Your kids need all the support they can get – psychological, academic, technological, etc. The more support you provide for them, the higher the quality of their performance. If you have more than a kid, you should know that they may have different sources of motivation. Find the sources that push them to want to learn without psychologically punishing them.

Build a learning network for them

Children are influenced by their peers, so you can take advantage of this to make them serious with their classes. Connect the with their peers; you can pitch this idea to the school authorities or tutors handling the online classes. This will encourage them and also develop their networking skills. Children in this group will share ideas and knowledge and can even build a formidable team in future. The importance of a learning network cannot be overemphasized. Your kids can also gain new knowledge and new friends from this connection.

Take care of their health

Besides providing the right tools and environment, you have to ensure they are physically okay to learn. Provide them with healthy foods and drinks that will nourish their brains and give them the energy to learn. Foods like whole grains, fruits, etc. will boost their mental health. Ensure they get enough sleep as rest is essential to the proper functioning of the brain and body. Keep an eye on them as they play around the house; you do not want them to get hurt. Ask them if anything is causing them pain and take action based on their responses.

Support your child’s interest

You have to distinguish between what you want your child to learn and what your child wants to learn. A child that is forced to learn what they do not want to will not study efficiently. Even if they do, there is no joy in the learning process for them and the knowledge gotten will not be eventually retained. If your child has to learn something they do not want to, find a way to make such knowledge attractive. You can also let them have their way while they fulfil your desires at the same time.

Reward your child

Let your children know that doing well comes with positive rewards. Reward them. You can take them out, fulfil a dream of theirs, take them on a vacation, buy them fine clothes, etc. Also, you can teach them the bigger rewards of studying, such as becoming a better person, knowing more about life, having more tools in their arsenal, being able to compete with their mates, etc. So even when you do not reward your kids with gifts, the inner satisfaction and rewards they get are enough. This way, they will take more initiative to develop themselves even as they grow older.