Tips for helping your kids focus on their online classes

More than ever, online classes are important due to the pandemic that hit most parts of the world. A lot of schools have opened online learning hubs for kids to make up for the time lost. However, you need to help your kids focus on their online classes as they can get easily distracted. Here is how to go about it:

Keep a schedule and provide all the necessary materials

Your kids might find it difficult to get serious with their online classes because they are not working with a schedule. To make it easier, set a schedule for them and ensure they keep to it. You can revise your schedule from time to time, based on what comes up such as your work schedule, sleeping schedules, etc. Once you have something that works for you and your children, stick to it. Also, provide them with the necessary materials. Pencils, papers, WiFi connection, PDf readers, etc. should be available to get the work done. You can also checkout online school supplies to know more about what other materials you should make available for your kid’s online school and where to buy them.

Provide a conducive environment and set daily tasks

Efficient learning cannot take place without a conducive environment. You have to find an environment that works for your kids; they must not be isolated for safety purposes and they must not be distracted for learning purposes. It is challenging for them to learn in a full place too. So … Read More

The Importance of Sex Education for Children and Adolescents

Sex education is still considered a taboo subject to be given to children and adolescents. Parents and adults feel uncomfortable and reluctant when children and teenagers ask questions relating to sex and choose to change the subject or tell them if they will find out by themselves as adults. By not giving answers about sex properly, correctly and clearly to children and adolescents, this will cause new problems in the community. Physical and hormonal changes in adolescents during the transition from children to adolescents, making them feel curious about what is happening with their bodies.

Even though sex education is the knowledge that contains everything related to:

1. Anatomy of the human body

2. Human reproduction system

3. The conception process until pregnancy

4. Healthy sexual relations

5. Sexual behavior

6. Transmission of sexual diseases such as HIV / AIDS

Sex education also teaches about the development of genitals and physical changes in women and men such as menstrual processes and wet dreams in men, which sometimes teens are too shy to ask their parents until they find out themselves through a search engine on the gadget each of them or ask their friends who are not infrequently they get the wrong information and not right.

So, what are the benefits of sex education for children and adolescents?

1. Can provide true and clear information about body development during the transition of children to adolescents

At this time there are some physical changes in adolescents, such as increasing height or … Read More