5 Ways to Achieve Energy Sustainability on a College Campus

Energy sustainability should be a responsibility of every person who is keen on ensuring a green economy. In colleges, particularly among students, energy sustainability or conservation must be a major priority to living an energy-efficient and healthy life on campus.

Energy sustainability has been a basic emphasis of experts on UK.collected.reviews, a platform to secure vast knowledge on energy related matters. Living an energy efficient lifestyle as a student is easy with use of best green energy sources and the tips highlighted below. These methods have a huge impact in achieving an eco-friendly environment.

1. Unplug All Electronics:

One of the basic ways of conserving energy on our campus is by switching off our television, radios and other electronic gadgets when not in use. This is a way to conserve energy even though not a 100 percent way. However, research showed that many of these electronics absorb power when not in use and they are mostly regarded as vampire powers. Therefore, the method of unplugging these electronics can help us achieve energy sustainability on campus

2. Use Air Dryer Rather Than Electronic Dryer for Clothes:

Among students on campus, there is a habit of drying clothes with electronic dryers rather than exposure to natural air/sunlight. Research shows that an electric dryer consumes about 3,000 watts of energy per hour, which means that drying a piece of cloth with an electric dryer is equivalent to discharging 5 pounds of carbon emission. Thus, employing the use of air-drying method for our clothes will go a long way in reducing carbon emission

3. Avoid Water Wastage:

Another way to ensure energy sustainability is by preventing water wastage on campuses, maybe in the course of washing or brushing our teeth. A certain quantity of water should be in place for every use and by doing so, water can be conserved and less energy reserved for consistent pumping.

4. Do an Outdoor Workout:

It is quite essential for students on campus to practice outdoor exercise rather than constant use of the gym home. It has been observed that gym homes consume a lot of energy through treadmills, stair climbing and so on. Thus, doing cardio outdoor exercise rather than machine exercise on a machine is one easy way to conserve energy in college.

5. Purchase Energy Certified Equipment and Products:

Energy efficiency can be achieved by buying energy-friendly devices such as refrigerator, laptop, television, among others. In doing this, one must ensure every device or electronic bought must be energy star products or qualified as these devices absorb less energy relative to other regular appliances. Thus, purchase more energy star label electronics than regular appliances.


The above explained energy efficiency tips are basic methods of making a huge difference in our environment and colleges. Problems relating to energy wastage and pollution can be overcome through the practice of the above tips in the proper way. Lastly, these tips can be shared with friends, roommates, classmates and campus administrations, for collective responsibility in ensuring a green campus.