Helping Your Teenager Decide What to do After High School

Although a lot of parents might have dreams of their teen heading off to college when they graduate high school, it’s important to consider all of the other options available too. Heading straight into higher education isn’t always the best choice as your young adult might not feel ready or willing to continue with their education straight away or have no plans to pursue this for themselves at all. Other teens might simply feel confused and uncertain about what next steps they want to take, and this is why looking at various options is important so that they can figure this out. If you want to help your teenager decide what to do next, here are some ideas you could discuss with them.

Go Travelling

Travelling can be an excellent way to learn about the world and see new places, and this is why it is such an enticing option for students after graduation. Some students might choose to spend their summer break between high school graduation and college doing this, whereas others might intend to take a year-long break.

If your teenager has expressed an interest in traveling after graduation, you might want to discuss their options and carry out research into the areas they are interested in visiting. You’ll also have to discuss with them the expense of the trip they would like to take and make sure that they have enough money to do this, whether you can help them out or if they need to get a job and save. There are also opportunities for them to work as they travel, and this is another option you can research with them to help them prepare for their trip.

Go to College

Even if they aren’t ready to go to college the year after graduation, it’s still a good idea to look at their options in case they intend to go after a gap year. At the very least, this will give them some choices at a later date, so it’s important to look at college applications as some universities might allow you to defer your acceptance until the following academic year. If you want to see whether or not your teen has the GPA to get into their college of choice, use tools like this one that lets you see the Texas State admission rate at You can use this to find out the same information about other universities as well.

Get a Job/Volunteer

Whether they work for a year to save up for college or to get started in a career straight away, this could be a good learning experience for them and help them to become more independent. Volunteering is another option that could help them develop important skills and understand the importance of giving back to the community, and it will also look great on their resume and college applications as well.

Even if you would like to see your teenager go to college after high school, it is important to not force them into this before they are ready or if this isn’t a path that they want to pursue at all. Make sure that you are looking at the different options available to them and help them do some research to find the right path for them.