How To Know The Character Of A Woman From Her Hair Type

Many ways to judge a woman’s character, even just by seeing it just once, you can already guess the female character. To help you assess the character of the woman you dream of, this time you can do it by looking at the hair that is the crown of women.

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1. Women with thin hair

Women with thin hair tend to be sensitive. Be careful when talking to them, because thin-haired women are usually the most easily offended, easy to panic, and easy to be suspicious of those around them.

2. Women with soft hair

She is the woman you deserve to marry. Her soft hair, implies that her behavior is also soft. A woman who has soft and silky hair with a minimalist thickness, indicates that she is a woman who is easily swayed in her position and easily seduced. But if he has thick soft hair, he has a submissive and gentle nature too.

3. Women with coarse hair

Thin-haired, rough, and slightly choppy women; signifying that he was the most careless person in everything. Perhaps because of his ambitions that are too large, making him a person who is not careful in action. That’s what makes it look careless. Nevertheless, this woman always appeared cheerful in various situations.

4. Women with wavy hair

This woman who has hair is the most sought after. Wavy hair with a deep black color and thick, He is more loyal than any woman. In addition, he also has a strong nature in his stance, is not easily swept away in seduction, and appreciates his partner very much.

5. Women with curly hair

Her curly hair indicates that this woman is good at business. Curly-haired women have the potential for success in business. He is good at managing finances, communicating, active, and most importantly, he is aggressive

6. Women with colored hair

Women with colored hair, showing characters who always need attention. Women who dye their hair with bright colors, indicate that they are less able to accept the situation, always want to be the center of people’s attention, can not live without praise even though people actually see it as criticism and quips.

Tricks for Making Hair Healthier and Shiny
Want healthy, shiny hair? It’s hard to maintain healthy hair, especially if you often use hair products or styling tools that make dry hair. Ladies, here are 5 tricks you can apply to maintain healthy hair so it looks more shiny!

1. Pay attention to your habits when you wash.

When using shampoo, do you like to gather all the hair on the head like this?
This habit not only makes your hair tangled, but it also makes the ends of your hair dry – especially if you have curly or curly hair.With curly hair, oil must go down through a circular hair shaft, so the oil moves slower, “explains hair expert Steven Picciano. Therefore, you don’t need to wash your hair every day if you have curly hair! When shampooing, you can also exchange ordinary shampoo with cleansing conditioner so that the natural oil in your hair does not disappear.

2. Use a comb for wet hair and a brush for dry hair.

Do you often brush your wet hair with a brush? Time to stop! This habit can make your hair fall out and cause damage to the outer layer of hair. Handle with care – use a wide-toothed comb when combing wet hair. Start combing the ends of the hair, then move to the middle of the hair before combing from the roots. This technique can also minimize hair loss and frizz.

3. Use a T-shirt to dry your hair.

Do you often dry your wet hair by rubbing the towel? Well, this habit can make hair cuticles weak and broken, you know. Use a soft cotton T-shirt to squeeze water from the top to the ends of your hair – this technique not only absorbs water more effectively, but also keeps your wet hair from getting tangled!

4. Sleep with a pillowcase made of silk.

Yes, pillowcases can affect your hair the next morning! Cotton is useful for drying wet hair, but if you sleep using a pillowcase made from cotton overnight, this material can also absorb natural oils from your hair too, you know. The secret to minimizing frizz in the morning?

5. Follow a diet that is rich in good fats.

If you want healthy, shiny hair, improve your diet by adding foods that are rich in good fats! Nuts, avocados, and salmon can increase lipids and make the body healthier. Also, pay attention to your body to stay hydrated. If your skin is dry, your hair will also dry.