Reasons why Elearning is the cheapest form of education.

Elearning over the years has more and more become an affordable form of learning to date.

Long ago, just as computers and the internet were being discovered and developed, universities made use of this medium to conduct learning by allowing students to access lecture materials.

This was possible through an intranet set up that enabled students to log in through computer terminals within the universities.

Accessing information and lecturer materials without a doubt become easier compared to the conventional walk to the library.

This medium was exploited later on as computers and the internet became popular and universities started offering full accredited courses online.

Moreso, the Education landscape saw a tremendous change with the rise and spread of the COVID-19 virus as governments had no choice but to impose strict regulations especially on social gatherings such as the ones present in learning institutions.

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Most learning institutions across the globe were shut down to curb the rampant spread of the infectious disease.

During this time, learning institutions were in an uncertain state causing learning to be put on hold.

However, faculty members and learning institution management adopted virtual learning considering it was a safer and less expensive method of perpetuating education.

Here we are going to look at some of the ways e-learning has made education more affordable.

Why traditional class-based learning is expensive.

Elearning hands down tends to be cheaper than the traditional College in terms of expense due to some reasons.

Being on campus physically brings an experience that is propagated by the feeling of being in an environment that has brick built classrooms, faculty offices, paths, loans and fellow students everywhere.

All these amenities in aggregate make students feel the ‘I am in school’ feeling but all come at a cost.

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Managing and operating all these amenities, facilitating programs in schools, providing housing, food and security to students living on campus and also maintaining all the staff members that offer support to students requires a significant healthy budget that all reflect on students tuition.

Moreover, as institutions improve their amenities to compete with other institutions, the additional operating costs are directly felt in student’s tuition rates.

However much these structures and environments that traditional based learning impose outrages cost on students, they act as important aspects as they enable students to thrive.

Also, another advantage that traditional class-based learning offers or compared to virtual education is the financial aid that is offered to students.

This financial aid enables students to pay less than the intendedtuition fee due to aid programs run by the universities or federal governments.

Why e-learning is cheaper than traditional class-based education.

Online learning tends to be lower and affordable compared to traditional learning, while still offering quality education.

This is so because of the less overhead cost such as the need to operate and conduct the programs offered physically and costs that arise from transportation and also from buying materials that are no longer needed when learning is conducted virtually.

One of the most cost-effective advantages of E-Learning is that the cutting down of travelling cost; commuting to the same place every single day is eliminated since the course is offered online.

Learning virtually eliminates the need for on-campus accommodation and cost that might have emerged due to spending time on campus.

Elearning also allows students, all across the globe, not restricted to any geographical constraints to participate in their target online programs.

Classes are easily conducted anywhere as long as all students have access to computers and the internet.

This means that every single student can participate in lectures in whatever environment they deem as comfortable, hence allowing them to retain more information and knowledge due to their favourable surroundings.

Students are also allowed to learn at their own pace.

Meaning they can study at whatever time suits them best helping them avoid unnecessary expenses such as child care if supposedly they needed such services.

However, it is important to know that taking a course online is also a significant investment in that the cost of enrolling in one most of the time is high compared to people’s assumptions that it is inexpensive.


Online learning is relatively less expensive than traditional classroom-based learning due to its accessibility, is of use and geographical boundlessness.